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I contacted them on may 2 about getting windows installed, the guy came out and they gave me an estimate i agreed to it. I gave him a money order for $400.00 i would pay the rest upon completion of the windows being installed. he told me that they would be out in three weeks to install the windows.

three weeks came and went still didn’t here anything from them, so i called them told my situation to the secretary. she said she didn’t know who the man was that was at my house giving me the estimate, and maybe he didn’t work there any more. So she said we will just schedule me another appointment for the windows to be delivered, which was another 3 weeks.

now we are in august and still have no windows and make matters worse we called the company back and the number is now disconnected. now what do we do, get a lawyer call 12 on your side, because something will be done. never deal with them.

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