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We paid for an entire home of new windows, including $800 for an “expedited fee” to receive them faster. We were told expedited would take approximately 7 to 9 weeks whereas not paying the extra fee would take 9 to 12 weeks. Per their contract requirement we paid half ($4500) on Jan 11 2016. Somewhere at the beginning or March we were called and scheduled our installation. We were told to remove all blinds, curtains and move all furniture several feet from the windows. For an entire large house this took my husband and I 2 full days to accomplish.

At approximately 4:50pm the day before the install, we were called and told that by chance, they had seen our windows at the factory and they were not yet completed. Ok, no big deal, we were told they would reschedule ASAP.

A few weeks go by and suddenly we’re told there is a problem at the factory and a part needs to be ordered. Several more weeks go by and naturally I called to complain. We were told they would refund the expedited fee ($800) and to put the curtains and blinds back up as the installers would remove them for us when the windows were to be installed at no cost.

Several more weeks go by and we are called every 2 weeks or so and told “the part is on order, it’s coming from Texas”. When I called again to complain, I was told “there is flooding in Texas” and that i’m “not the only person who is upset”.

This time I demanded to know where our windows were in the process (since they were supposedly almost done in March), which they could not tell me. I demanded to break the contract and I was told we would loose our 50% ($4500) that we had already paid. I demanded they give me a minimum of 10% off for having taken nearly 6 months, the secretary (the only person I am able to speak with) said no problem, she would pass information to finance dept and they would get back to me.

That was at least 2 weeks ago. At this point I am looking for a lawyer to help me.

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