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I too was scammed by ScoreSense.

I had to cancel my debit card at least two weeks ago about fraudulent charges from ScoreSense. I also disputed the charge. The bank just refused to return the $39.95 to my checking account stating a $1.00 fee had been debited in July so I must have authorized it.

I was looking at car sites looking for a smaller SUV. I visited and I did not ask for or click on anything about a credit report. One of the dealer sites may have asked for a credit score, but I did not. I had just activated a new card with a chip and my account had that debit within 1 1/2 hours of activation. Why did I have to cancel and cut up my new card if the disputed amount was going to be deducted again? Now I don’t have a new debit card am overdrawn, and racking up overdrawn fees.

I called ScoreSense, and they stated I should have canceled when I received a welcome e-mail. I did a search in my e-mail account of all dates and folders. There was no e-mail from, ScoreSense, Score Sense, or any other combination of ScoreSense. The ScoreSense Company should be penalized, dissolved under any name or affiliation with any other company, and forced to return funds to each person affected by their scams.

What else should I have done?

The ScoreSense Company should have had no knowledge of the newly activated debit card and H***** Bank, knowing of other victims, should have immediately blocked any transaction with them. The customer service representative I spoke to today hem hawed around and stated the charge would not be removed. He was aware of complaints from before 2012. I want this bank to instruct their representatives to be aware of this scam and instructed to immediately deny any charge from this company to any of their customers.

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