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I am 71, was awaiting going to pre op testing for major eye surgery after going blind in one eye. Our car broke down and we were trying to get money to fix it. When applying for loans they asked for three credit scores. The link for Score Sense was the company and charged $1.00 to proceed. Once I got the scores I finished the application. I noted that the $1.00 was charged my credit card but when I went for post op medications I found out that my credit card had been charged $39.95 for a one month fee.

I did not join, there was no disclaimer that asked me if I wanted to join, and if so to click on a link. Somehow when I clicked to proceed to the scores it signed me up for the application. I contacted my credit card who would not remove it. I wrote them a letter telling them not to allow the company to take any more money out of my account.

I then called Score Sense and was told the billing company would decide if I could cancel. I had a certification number from customer service I wanted it to be cancelled. I then contacted my credit card and had to cancel the card in order to stop the charges. I do not want Score Sense to report this to the credit rating services.

I did report this to the FDIC as they had to pay $22 million last year for doing the same thing, however the cut off date for applying for the litigation was Dec. 31st. Not only was the litigation for a $25.95 fee per month, the company had the b@lls to raise the fee $10 per month. I want to know why the on line loan companies put their link on their websites, what relationship there is between my credit card company and Score Sense, and what relationship there is for loan applications on line to Score Sense.

There should be legislation. If you are a victim report it to the FDIC because apparently Score Sense is in violation of the lawsuit that was settled Dec. 31st 2015. Perhaps there will be another class action.

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