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I had been seeing advertisements on Facebook and some other sites I frequented on after trying to find some cute plus size dresses for a friend’s wedding coming up in 2016. I thought I’d try it out and just order a few items to test the site out. I understood that the things would take a bit in shipping since they were coming from China, which wasn’t a big deal to me. Usually things I’ve ordered from there have been really good, no matter where I bought it from. So I gambled and bought 3 dresses and 1 top. I ordered everything on December 3, 2015 and they came with a tracking number since I paid the extra like $2 for it. I should have known I was going to have an issue with these items as soon as the tracking numbers were hard to actually use for tracking or the sites to track them on weren’t updating where the items were.

One package finally came in and I’m still waiting on the one. In this package was the 3 dresses I ordered, so I decided it was time to try them on since they were here. The one dress wasn’t the correct size based on the sizing chart from the site. Bust was supposed to be 51.97 inches and it only measured out to 38 inches. The length and shoulder widths were off as well. So how was I suppose to fit in this dress when the sizing wasn’t even right, but I ordered it to be that size?

I even complained about that in my complaint and they still blame me for not ordering the right size. My ordered size was correct, but the item they sent was not. The other two dresses that came with it fit me, but they were such poor quality that they didn’t even look like the same dresses that were pictured on the site. The one seriously looked like it came from a costume shop! I would never wear something like that to someone’s wedding, EVER!

So now they keep telling me to just keep an eye out for the last item (which I still can’t track because the tracking site isn’t accurate) and they’re still deciding what they want to do about the other 3 items. They finally gave me an option to just keep it all and refund me of a store credit of $8 or return everything with me paying return shipping to only still give me partial store credit. I’d prefer to just have my money back in hand and not have to buy anything else from them. Either way, I’m losing money because I refuse to buy anything else from them whether I take either deal and almost $70 isn’t something to play around about.

I’ll never buy from SammyDress.com again and I hope people investigate more about the company before buying from them. I wish I did instead of just reading the reviews on their site, which I’m sure is just bought reviews!

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