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A lot of people have unrealistic expectation regarding fit, quality and shipping times, I had very realistic expectations from experience with Asian online shopping- and here’s what happened.

SUMMARY: I placed an order on 2/29/2016. As of April 14 2016 I had received 13 out of 25 items (The ones I did get came in only 11 days) totaling 255$. I paid over 60$ for shipping (absurd, most stores offer free over 50$!)

On april 15th I received all but two items as well as a replacement for the broken earrings) Items that were listed as shipping in 10 days took 38 days just to leave the warehouse! One item arrived broken & has been refused replacement.

The long story: So… I got half my stuff &No invoice included or email explanation was given as to why order was incomplete. I had to contact them to see what was up. My complaint WAS answered quickly, I was told the items were out of stock and would be back in stock in 14-17 days and then shipped (it was more like 27 I think). This was an outright lie, and they knew it! The items were listed as in stock and continued to be after I ordered, So they are KNOWINGLY taking money from people even though they don’t have the items and are basically holding funds HOSTAGE!

I was NEVER given the option to refund the balance. I decided to wait it out. I am still waiting for 3 things (got the bulk of the rest on 15th April)

Supposedly on April 6 my other items were shipped. One item I am now told will not be back in stock at all and I had to choose an exchange, Finding an equal value item is a joke so I lose money on this. This item has no record of shipment as of today.

A pair or earrings that cost $2.06 arrived broken, I was told to send photos which I did and they were more than adequate to see that two spikes were broken off earring, They asked for a more clear photo. Giving me the runaround over 2$ earrings while you are holding over 120$ worth of money indefinitely is unacceptable! They should be eager to please me @ this point based on what I spent and how long I have been waiting. I have ordered from many overseas sites through ebay and not and NEVER have I had anything take this long. I understand it can be a wait and I am very patient. I continued to be polite but firm with them and get nothing but ‘we don’t know really when’ but soon… yeah right!

The items I received I was mostly happy with, sadly, I had reasonable expectations about quality of cheap stuff and I actually really liked most of the stuff. Sometimes the sizes are off the fabric is bad or the picture is a lie, that’s the nature of Asian online shopping.
They have not posted ANY of my reviews for the items I purchased. I assume it is because I did not rate anything 5 stars and was critical and honest. Who do they think they are fooling? I couldn’t find one negative review on anything!

There was no remorse, no attempt to make up for the issues. I have been messaging back and forth for weeks, I am livid. Never have I had such a horrible online shopping experience.

If you still want to roll the dice be sure they have it in stock or listed as 3 days to ship and maybe you will stand a chance at a quick and painless transaction. I ignored reviews and thought I would be one of the lucky ones and I regret it. I won’t order again and I will spread the word as much as possible with social media and review sites!

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