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I saw an advert on Facebook for 2 full samples of this amazing cream. These were free you just had to pay shipping cost. Although I did think it was too good to be true I decided that if it was no good it was only the price of shipping cost I was losing. I received the items a few weeks later. It was actually that long that I had forgotten about them. The creams were ok but nothing out of the ordinary. You can imagine my surprise when just 2 weeks later I received 2 more jars.

I immediately contacted the company by email and told them I didn’t want any more creams being sent. THEY originally said I couldn’t cancel as it was an automated ordering system. I told them that if they sent anymore I would be keeping them and not paying for them as if I wanted anymore I would place an order myself! IT was only then that I checked my bank account and found they had taken £83 out.

I emailed them once again and told them I wanted to return the creams and my money refunded. THEY told me I could return them at my expense and once they had got clearance from their warehouse they would refund my money. I returned them at my expense.

I received an email some weeks later to say that unfortunately the box had been opened and because of that they were unable to refund my money. Well of course I had opened the box to see what was inside. But I hadn’t opened the jars.

They are still refusing to issue a full refund although they are now offering a partial refund as long as I don’t pursue them for the rest of the claim and I don’t contact my bank.

Is there anything I can do? I did accept the partial claim as I thought it was better to lose half my money instead of all of it but I have since been advised I should of stuck to my guns and insist they refund all my money.

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