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I’m in the process of moving from one state to another. Like most people today when searching for a place in a unfamiliar place they turn to Craigslist. So I would actually have to say that this is a double complaint. First off as I was doing my search I came across a few great listings. As I continued my search I called one of those great deals American Standard Online and had a nice conversation with Jamie their rep., and she proceeded to explain to me how it works. Making sure to tell me that there was a fee of $199. Once it was processed I would get an updated listing of properties in the area that I was interested in. Being some what skeptical I ask for their web site so that I could do some research on them.

As I did I noticed the complaint section. So I took the option of viewing some of these complaints. As I did I notice one common thing, that the properties that they where advertising where all ( pre foreclosed properties ). On that note I called a good friend and real estate broker and told him about what I just came across. His first question what did I mean by a pre-foreclosed property? So I told him that this is what was told to me by the person on the phone. Also all transaction between me and them would be done by either phone or internet. So he asked my how would I know if a property was a pre-foreclosed property. I explained to him that they had obtained list from various banking and lending institutions who dealt with these types of properties. His reply was a simple one, no such list is available to outsiders. The only people who had such a list is the banking and lending institutions. Just because a property is in a pre-foreclosed state does not mean that it being foreclosed on.

So I called Jamie back and asked a few simple questions to get the info that I needed. At first she told me that the properties that are on their list are those that are foreclosed. So I again ask what the procedure was in getting in contact with the correct people to try to secure one of these properties. Her reply was that for the most part I would be being in contact with a lending institution and deal with them directly. Then she again told me that this list that we get is of pre-foreclosed homes. An before I could get this list I had to be a part of their program which was $199. Asking how would I like to pay for it, checking or credit card. When I asked how the refund policy worked if I did not find a place that I liked or was a good fit for me, she hung up the phone. Although I did not lose out on any monies, the whole process did waste a lot of my time. But one could say time well spent as I just missed a BIG SCAM. Thanks to all those who took the time to inform others about this SCAMMING company American Standard Online.

My second complaint is about craigslist. Simply put THEY WILL NOT HELP IN ANY WAY. Although I have never seen a disclaimer on their site, they claim that there is one and that every one is to beware that not all adds are REAL. They do noting to protect the people who use their site. So beware of this site.

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