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After installing PC Matic I could not type on my keyboard, and kept getting pop-up that my computer had a virus and malware.

After calling there number I was told it would cost 178.00 to fix the problem. was still having problems and called again and was told that it would cost another $199.00 to fix everything.

Computer is still running slow and they keep calling me. Called the bank to see if I could get my money back-no good. Would definitely not recommend this product or the company.

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By: Kayla Thrailkill On: June 7, 2016

Response from Kayla Thrailkill – Marketing Specialist at PC Pitstop

I apologize for what it is that you went through regarding your PC Matic experience. Unfortunately, we do not offer phone based support. Therefore, I am uncertain who you spoke with who requested the $178 payment to fix your PC. I assure you it was not us.

For any technical assistance questions regarding PC Matic, you may contact our trained professionals at If they are unable to assist you to your satisfaction, a full refund will be issued.

Thank you, and again I apologize for this issue.

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I’m glad I checked this out. I was seriously considering getting PC Matic, but I will not after reading these complaints. How can you not have telephone support???? I cannot imagine a tech company not having telephone support. I will look elsewhere for antivirus protection. You should pull your advertisements. It doesn’t sound like PC Matic is a very good company.

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