The Most Uncaring Pathetic Restaurant - Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

We all know that Popeyes have the best chicken around but yet have the worse customer service ever! It all starts off at the drive thru while placing your order, especially wanting to take your time looking at the menu. Then it your horrible experience starts. The people on the mic are very rude and very shirt patient. When you get to the window at the drive thru, they make you back up and then pull back to the window.

They are on time clocks and spend more time worrying about a clock instead of customer service, thats so pathetic. They are so worried about that clock that even if you specified that you want certain pieces of chicken or sides, they will give you whatever they want. Please do not send the food back if it’s wrong, the management get upset and the employees begin saying nasty comments and remarks forgetting that there is a thin line in between the drive thru window, perfect for you as a customer to hear all the bad things they have to say about the order that they mess up. If they stop rushing then they will get the customers orders right and no one will have to hold up their time clock.

The management refuse to want to hear your complaint and handle complaints at the store so it forces you to reach out to corporate. Please do not get hold of the wrong district manager because he will back his employees up and not care about the customer feedback. I guess because they sell so much chicken that our small pennies do not matter. Popeyes seem like they just bring anyone in from the streets to sell a piece of chicken, just like they get mad, catch attitudes and be rude to customers over a piece of chicken because of their time clocks.

I will never go back there again enough is enough. Popeyes have no customer service and their managers are very unprofessional that’s why the Stagg at Popeyes follow in the same unprofessional pathetic path OVER A PIECE OF CHICKEN!

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