Two and a half months of TROUBLE! - PC Matic

I installed PC Matic in early January of 2016. I liked the concept of all of the house cleaning it was supposed to do in my PC. Maybe it performed those tasks and maybe it didn’t, but in the long run it caused me more grief than I ever thought possible.

The first problem that made itself evident was that I could not shut down my PC. Dell replaced the mother board, but the problem was still there, so I turned to PC Matic to help me. Unfortunately pc m will not allow a call either way for problem solving. In my case EVERYTHING had to be done through email. A very slow process to say the least. They would suggest performing one task after another.

Eventually the shutdown problem went away, only to be replaced by a problem with windows being unable to update resulting in a start up or reboot problem. After 2 1/2 months of struggling with my PC I asked pc m to refund my purchase price and I would uninstall it. Then I took my pc to a professional who charged me $100.00 to make work like it was supposed to work. PC M may work for some people, but it was nothing but a nightmare for me.

Based on my experience, I honestly can NEVER recommend PC Matic to anyone. I have searched for an address and telephone number and neither are available to a consumer.

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