A complete scam - PC Matic

I purchased PC matic for five computers. Right after I loaded the software the “sign out” on my gmail account vanished.

Within a a few days my computer was infected with DNS locker- malware and then it was infected with a trojan that would hijack my web page, changed my browser settings and continually display a pop up window telling me my computer was infected and I was to call “855-902-4667” with a continuous audio warning my computer was infected.

I sent a report to PcMatic tech “support” – never heard a word from them.

Next I went to website that purported to be “pc matic” immediate support. I get hold of this guy would ran through the usual online gibberish and said he could fix the problem but it was going to cost $179.00… he told me “well you must have clicked on a pop up or spam mail.

My response was “isnt that what PC Mactic is supposed to filter for? Also the software could not detect the trojan or virus on my computer when is “scanned my system” and give me an “A-OK” I have never had a serious virus or Trojan problem until I switched to PC matic – what a scam.

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I signed up for PCmatic, over a yr ago, I still don’t have it, I signed for life time protection, I just throwed my money away.. its a scam.!! I want my money BACK, PC MATIC.??

Idon’t have securty on my computer I have lifetime so i want my money back


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