Destroyed my Hard Drive, made all problems worse - PC Matic

PC Matic may be very good at detecting viruses but it is the worst software I have ever installed on my PC, after totally destroying my hard drive and slowing my PC to a snails pace I was forced to buy a new PC, I bought my new PC running Win 10 and the machine was running perfectly, once I installed PC Matic and ran it for the first time my brand new PC was brought to a crawl and took over 20 minutes to boot.

I am talking about a brand new PC out of the box that was running very very well and as soon as PC Matic got a hold of it the PC could barely even boot, same thing that it did to my older PC that was old, but working well until PC Matic got a hold of it. Thank God that I had just bought it and Best Buy swapped it out for a new one, but I learned my lesson, I will never install that piece of junk software on any PC again in my life.

I am IT specialist and I can tell you that this software does nothing but corrupt your system and it will end up bringing your computing environment to a crawl and eventually crash your hard drive, the absolute worst software I have ever run on a PC!

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