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Pc Matic stopped working may 21 after 9 help desk e-mails 4 of which tell me to do the same thing over and over uninstall and reinstall,uninstall and reinstall, make a log, make a log ,make a log I have 6 logs on my desk top and it still doesn’t work.

There is no tech support you can speak with and only had it for six months. Tried to get a refund but when I enter the phone number associated with the account they say it doesn’t exist.

I have the original e-mail when I purchased it and I entered the correct phone number and again no one to speak to.

Very poor customer support.

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Absolutely agree! Same thing happened with me in August. PC Matic suddenly stopped launching on my HP EliteDesk 64-bit Intel Core i7 8 Gig machine running Windows 10 Pro. Spent hours and days responding to suggestions from various tech people (who apparently did not read each other’s notes) doing uninstalls, re-installs in Safe Mode, Clean Boot mode, repeating all steps after Registry cleaning. NOTHING worked and Tech Support simply stopped responding. I bought 2 years’ worth of licenses for 10 machines but will NOT be renewing when the 2 years is up next month. VERY FRUSTRATING and quite primitive that… Read more »

Hello Kevin,

I’m sorry to hear about your problems with PC Matic.
Please fill out the form, located here https://www.pcpitstop.com/support/#/customerservice/ticketform to request a refund. In the Message Box, make a note of ComplaintsList.com and I’ll be sure to follow up with the case.

Best wishes,
PC Matic Support


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