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My computer crashed on Saturday 4/301/16 about midnight. I ran a full scan before going to bed. When I went to check if it was complete, the scan stated it was running my drivers like the monitor and a few other items. It stopped and locked up my computer. The computer could not be started.

The driver for the monitor must have downloaded the wrong info. I got a black screen after starting back. Nothing helped, then I read online that it might have bad info on the monitor download. Hooked up another monitor and the computer came back. Now everything locked up upon start up. I now have to start in safe mode. Their website says you will be notified in about 24 hours.

Today is 5/5/2016 with no contact at all. Not even an email to acknowledge they even received a filed complaint. I really thought this was a great program. I used VIPRE before and had no issues. Their customer support was right on if trouble was found. I am now going back to VIPRE and hopefully fix my computer.

PC Matic, maybe you should stop doing so many PR commercials on your own product and try some customer support. I too will be asking for my money back. What good is any software without support. Never seen a company not respond to a complaint like this.

They brag about made in America on the TV commercials. Try and hire a few Americans to run the customer service dept, if you even have one. I also don’t like the fact there is no phone number listed online to speak to anyone.

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I’ve been ripped off before by AVG and Avast both resulted in worms,trojans viruses almost fell for PC matic but thanks to the sheer number of customer complaints and no American customer service at all, I will be throwing my $$$ elsewhere and 50 bucks for my one computer /not 5 just 1 seems like I avoided pc matics bs before it started…thanks for posting everyone

All of our support is based in the US. In fact, all research and development of the product is also in the US. If you’ve encountered tech support from another country, please know, it is not legitimate.

PC Matic has no phone customer service help line. I had them and terminated the service. Don’t waste your time. PC Matic is a scam.

PC Matic isn’t a scam. We simply do not offer phone support. However, there are other ways, such as email and the forum, where support can be provided. Additionally, we offer an unconditional money back guarantee, if you do not like the software.

WHY no phone support?

if your computers quits then a phone would be my next choice to call customer service


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