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This happened on the last day of our deeded timeshare for week 24 at Ocean Beach Club in Virginia Beach on June 16, 2016. When we (my mother, sister and writer) attended a luncheon for owners with a counselor rep name Marcus W. Once lunch was over, now time for the shakedown titled, “Owners Updates”. We made it crystal clear from the beginning that we weren’t interested in buying or purchasing anything. Marcus W. went on and on about the points systems in Diamond Resorts, telling a long drawn out story, after much questioning to get to the punch line. He tells us we can transfer to the points system for 8500 points for the amount of $71,000 dollars financed at 17.99 % interest.

We repeatedly told him we don’t want or need points. He kept us there for over 2 hours, kept saying “let me do my job”. Marcus W. did not have any documentation to show us what he was talking about. He had the arrogance to come to the table with a blank piece of paper, writing backwards some figures as if we were STUPID. Next we had to ask for something in writing, one document we were shown, but could not get a copy of “it’s an internal company document”. The other document with the figures for 8500 points financed for term of ten years and over $2000.00 for annual maintenance fees. This sale person was outrageous with his sale tactics, finally he agrees to conclude the presentation is over.

Next we greeted by his supervisor and hospitality Ty Cline, who insulted us when we told him we are done. He wave his hands at us and told us to leave. Thank God, I am free and no longer hostage. What an appalling, scandalous, and offensive experience to be imperiled to as an owner at a Diamond Resort. This happen on June 16, 2016, held hostage for over 2 hours, is this what timeshare is becoming.

No is not respected, Owners are not appreciated, my time was not valued, and my personhood was not cherished Owners please beware, we were lied too and mistreated by these best of the best representative of Diamond Resorts. Beware of the points system … it is shameful and harmful business practices. Sharon Harrell.

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