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Been with MagicJack for at least 5 years. First thing I found out is that if you have to suffer with satellite internet, then forget it, it won’t work. But that was not their fault, just a weakness.

The “PROBLEM” began when my device went belly up. Even though it was under warranty they still charged me $13 to replace it (pretty sure they’re related to the TV hucksters that sell everything for 19.95 and the free one with more S&H) Anyway, despite my telling them twice where to send it they (that great anonymous “they”) managed to dredge up an old, once used address for my ex-sister-in-law and sent it there: 700 miles from me. Then began the inanity, frustration and chaos. When I got an e-mail saying the device was sent to (the wrong address) I began a chat to correct it.

First, of many, mistakes. Without going into great detail I felt like Arlo Guthrie in Alice’s Restaurant trying to explain things to “Officer Obie”. They would ask one question after another, usually the same question they had forgotten the answer to previously. Offer the same responses, which usually had nothing to do with the complaint, and in general stick to whatever prepared script they had in front of them. Most of these “chats” lasted well over an hour. I chatted with “senior” techs and was promised escalations and answers and resolutions and got exactly nothing. After more than 3 weeks of carbon copy chats I bit the bullet and bought the Ooma system. It works just as well but I can talk to a REAL PERSON (granted, they have a heavy Oriental accent). So, if you’re into self flagellation and circular chats then by all means go with Magicjack. So far all my talks with Ooma have been MUCH more satisfying than chatting with the operators of the Black Hole of Calcutta.

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