Ocwen Ombudsman Appt by CFPB is a scam and a failure - Ocwen

I have been screwed and bar-b-qued by Ocwen Ombudsman. CFPB punished them for massive fraud upon millions of homeowners with a 2 BILLION $ recovery penalty, the CFPB handed Ocwen the keys to the safe expecting Ocwen Ombudsman to honestly perform their duty to refund the money they stole by fraud, in my case $300K equity in the home they conned Portland federal Ct Judge Anna Brown into giving my home with ZERO proof of standing and Brown dismissed me pro se never permitting me in court to argue TILA law re proof of standing. She handed my home over at least two allegedly criminal organization, HSBC under FBI investigation for LAUNDERING SOUTH AMERICAN DRUG CARTEL COCAINE PROFITS (does the name “El Chappo” ring any bells, and OCWEN under fraud indictment for stealing some 2 billion $ of US Citizens
American Dreams, our homes.

I have been screwed over by some 2 years having provided 100 % of the documents they asked for to process my claim. Then they simply ignored me for some 2w years when I ratted them out to CFPB who made Ocwen send me 2 letters. (Maria Esquival, an Ocwen employee who assured me that ny March 31 I will be advised of my status. But a week later I got a second letter saying “it appears Ocwen has LOST your records or MISPLACED them and Ocwen wants (me) to reconstruct my documents. Now Ocwen wants ME to do their work for them. I am 77, disabled vet with sight problems and no ability to reconstruct the documents that I paid TedEx to courier to Ocwen. Since I lost most of my valuable papers in a fire one year ago this month when a Lexmark Printer exploded in to flames and poisonous smoke destroying the home and near every thing in it. Well suffice it to say living only on SSA after Ocwen stole me $300k equity that AAG was about to issue a big reverse mortgage check just as Anna Brown dismissed me with prejudice and gave my home to criminal who never offered a shred of TILA required proof of standing.

At my age I am am sure Ocwen will never pay me a cent. CFPB seems to have zero control over its chosen ombudsman so I am now given to believe that CFPB does not have any policing controls over Ocwen that not only lost a zillion Promissory Notes and the Mortgages that go with the notes, now they have lost a claiments records and are hiding from me again, waiting I believe till I pass away.

I thank whomever actually reads this diatribe. I am sure I am not the Lone Lender and many others have similar experiences

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