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I bought 2 nuwave ovens last year from target within a month of each other. The first one cracked within a month of use. The second within 2 months. It took an act of congress to get customer support to warranty 1st one and sent the yellow dome happy about hat.

The second dome they gave me more of a run around countless emails etc. They want me to buy another clear dome that they know will crack in a month. I know it will judging by the track record of the domes.

I also see it all over on these reviews. Their customer support is terrible they don’t care about the customer at all I would be very leary of buying one of these products just for that reason because they do not stand behind it.

I am very unhappy with the quality and I believe the company knows there is a problem with the domes and still producing which to me is scamming people.

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Lousy design. Comes out to a dollar per time you cook. Expensive part to replace. One viable option is to check for used unit’s with little use..

I have also had 3 domes and they all cracked/ from reading the ccomplaints it is probably useless to go thru trying to get some satisfaction from nu wave????after all the complaints that I read it it a wonder they are still allowed to sell this product.


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