Bait and switch - NuWave Oven

Was told shipping and handling was $29 per unit which I received two units. Upon getting my receipt, shipping was a $110.

Called Customer Service, they said he (salesperson) must have forgot to tell me about additional charges for additional pieces. Said they were so sorry about the mistake but I have no choice but to pay it.

If I choose to return it I’ll have to pay return shipping fees.

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I saw the TV oven pitch and it’s BOGO,called the phone number and was told it was in fact a BOGO. I did the same on the cooktops BOGO TV-promoed shortly thereafter.I paid for it w/ my card,got my orders,sent one of each immediately to my granddaughter and grandson-in-law at Camp LeJeune NC and they love them.Now I get a NuWave bill for an unspecified which one,$68.3?And it threatens collections action if not paid?Nutshelled,that’s bovine scatology.That’s fine. I could pay it and smile.But billed for the second one AFTER THE BOGO is Federal felony consumer fraud.I’m dying of lung and… Read more »

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