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4 years ago, After watching an infomercial and doing some research online, we decided to get a NuWave Oven with all the bells and whistles. It worked very well for about 1 year when conveniently the warranty ran out.

We contacted the company to get it fixed. When we did, they said we owed more money… We were on a pay plan with them so we didn’t understand how they didn’t get all the money agreed to over the 4 months.(after checking our bank records, they did get it).

They pursued getting the “last payment owed” for a few months and then casually dropped our names from the customer list when we proved that we had paid the agreed upon price.

We put the oven away hoping we could find a dealer certified to fix it, but as of yet…no one is. We do not trust sending to the company. We have taken excellent care of the NuWave Oven and they could easily fix and resell to some other unsuspecting customer.. .It was a very enjoyable experience While the NuWave worked…everything did taste better.

Customer service will destroy this company. So Sad!

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