Induction Cooktop Health Risks - NuWave Oven

BEWARE of the Nuwave Induction Cooktop!!

This company does not list the health issues of using this induction cooktop right from the very beginning. Not even on the page where you go to order this product online. However they disclose that their Pots and Pans are safe. They list the health risks on their Facts and Question page but by then it’s a bit to late.

When buying this product beware! If you are buying for a Senior Citizen, reconsider! Bought the induction cooktop for an 85 year old (who has a Pacemaker) 6 months ago and she only found out now the health issues that it can cause to her Pacemaker!

This company needs to disclose this issue with Pacemakers on their website from the very beginning. Too boot, when ordering by phone Nuwave Representative should make the Consumer aware from the very start of the order that this product can interfere with a Pacemaker. They have to also realize if given as a gift to a senior, it is very doubtful they will read the Facts and Question page, no less the induction cooktop manual!

These are lives they are messing with and this company needs to change disclosing the health issues much better before something devastating happens to a consumer! Simply disgusted!

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