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We purchased our Nutribullet last Feb 28, 2016 for the peso equivalent of about $157 or P7,222 thru on line and received the item after 7 days. However, upon using it there was a burnt smell. We tried contact you but in vain. We were asking for a replacement but received a reply it cant be replaced outside US and Canada. There is a one (1) year warranty and this unit was registered already.

Since no reply from your end, we tried to use the unit and the burnt smell lessens and finally disappeared. Then just today, when we used again, there was a burnt smell with smoke. We are requesting for a replacement of the item as soon as possible, since it still within the warranty period. Please deliver the replacement to Emmanuel D. Rios 2202 Tambis St., Banawa, Cebu City, Cebu, Phil. 6000. Contact #s 09209210604, 09209226229, 032 2661762.

Need your prompt reply. Thanks!

Bought a Nutribullet for myself and my son. We’ve used them less than a year. The motor on his blew. On mine, the container and blade mechanism leaks into the mechanism. This is planned obsolescence in my opinion. Will never purchase one again. At least, I got used to juicing and that has been very productive, but I will purchase a better juicer from a more reputable company.

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I bought the Nutri Bullet Rx on Hsn .It seemed to work until I decided to make a hot soup. The whole thing went wrong .It came out all thru the bottom of the nutri bullet and all over the floor. I haven’t used the machine since.Afraid that it my short out after the soup leak thru the bottom of the base .

Thid is the second nutribullet that I buy that stops working. I forgot to register the machines.


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