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I purchased a s3 with metro back in 2013 approximately $500 at the time. I was scheduled to make payments of $112 a month and would have 3 months to pay in full so I wouldn’t have to pay any interest.

On the 4th month, I decided to pay in full the remainder of the amount. They gave me specific instructions through email on were to send the money order, so I did exactly step by step (money order amount was around $300). They said it would take about 2 weeks to process. I waited 3 weeks before calling and they said they never received anything and that I needed to make the monthly payment immediately. I emailed them telling them the issue and then they said yes we received your money order it will take a few days to reflect on your account.

2 weeks later they call me saying I haven’t made my monthly payments. I told them someone emailed me and said they received my early pay off. The person on the phone kept telling me no they have nothing. I was so pissed off I told them I would get a lawyer if they didn’t figure out their bullshit because I was not paying them another cent and I had proof because I saved all the emails stating my account was paid off.

After that 3 months passed and I kept calling and messaging and threatening them to clear my account well it wasn’t until I mailed them the copies of emails that they finally cleared my account. Bill Float is bullshit company with nothing but dumbass people running it. Its complete Fraud! Don’t Use it EVER!

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