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Before SilverScript, I carried AARP prescription drug insurance and it is on the pricey side. I had a friend who told me about an agent who was great with recommending prescription Part D insurance. She recommended SilverScript, I told her to check all my medications to make sure they were covered. One drug I was particularly concerned about was Temazepam, I suffer from sever insomnia, the agent checked and said yes, it would be covered along with my other list of medications. Before I actually decided to sign up with SilverScript, I called the company again myself, explained I was concerned about the coverage of Temazepam, I told them my date of birth, etc., and they came back with yes, it was covered so I signed up with SilverScript.

After the second subscription refill, my pharmacist said that my insurance company had denied Temazepam, I couldn’t believe it. I came home called the company and got a rep that said all I had to do was have my doctor call in for extended benefit relief, so my doctor called and I thought all was settled. I went to get my prescription and again the pharmacist said the insurance would no longer cover it. Again, I came home and called SilverScript and was told that anyone over the age of 65 could only have two prescriptions of Temazepam. I explained to them that I had been taking Temazepam for over 15 years and before that I had tried every kind of sleep aid on the market and every prescription medication and they all made me feel druggy when I woke up or did not work at all. My previous doctor spent two years trying to find a prescription that would work for me as I was only sleeping 4 hours a night and was completely exhausted all the time and trying to work, my life was unbearable.

When we found Temazepam, I was elated that FINALLY, a drug worked. SilverScript said I could appeal and I said yes, I wanted to appeal. My doctor filled out a form and sent to SilverScript. The very next morning, I get an automated message saying my appeal was denied. I appealed it again and within 24 hours the same decision. When I checked before I took out SilverScript, there was no mention of only two months coverage for anyone over 65. I was 69 when I made the call and my representative called to see about coverage – no mention of this fact only that it would be covered. I am now paying for Temazepam myself and there are a few new drugs I have to take which they cover nothing of. I have paid out of pocket myself for almost most the cost of my prescriptions. I cannot wait until October to dump this useless drug coverage.

I hope I will save at least one person from going through the same problem and possibly with a life threatening drug they may need – do not take the chance, this is a very flaky company and will get out of paying whenever possible.

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