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I was suspicious at first but i wasn’t sure because i was in a rush but on February 14, 2016. I ordered a pair of retros from nicesole.com. They sent me a copy of my payment and everything, but then, come to find out, 20 days later my card was charged but nothing made it to my mail box.

I sent them a message in regards to my purchase and they sent me one 2 days later: “we are out of stock but will send you a tracking number for the shoes”. I said, no thats fine ill like a refund.

No response, so i sent them another one, and again Nothing was sent to me. There is no reason i should still be missing 168 dollars from my account because the product i paid for didnt even make it.

I message them again its been a month and some change and nothing tried visiting there site and its not there anymore.

So now i have No money or shoes. This site is fake and theyre a bunch of thieves.

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They recently did the same thing to me I ordered shoes and they were never shipped and now I’m missing 180 dollars with no shoes and they said their shoes were fake February 2017


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