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In May 2000 I became a lifetime member to the National Home Gardening Club. I was faithful each week checking out tests, contests and reading all the new information. I was awarded a few times with free trial items to use and report on. Loved this idea. Then after all these years they sold out to Scout. I can no longer log onto this site without paying for a membership once again! When I joined in 2000 I was promised the following:
Here was their promise:

Club Membership – What are the benefits of being a Life Member? Life Members of the Gardening Club of America will receive a lifetime of exclusive Life Member gifts, rewards and benefits (easily a $1,010.00 value). Life Members receive:

* Lifetime Subscription to Gardening How-To Magazine

* Lifetime of Free Product Testing Eligibility

* Lifetime Access to our Club Website

* Lifetime Access to Great Giveaways

* Exclusive Life Member Credentials including a Life Member ID Card, Key ring, Life Member Gardening Mat and Gloves, and more.

When selling out to Scout members were NOT notified that their membership would become null and void, which in my opinion is bad corporate policy. Nor did Scout send out letters informing National Home Gardening Clubs members of the take over and new policies. As for losing money, I am out a small amount (350) compared to others. I purchased items that I never received, nor could I contact them as apparently they were transitioning.

I feel members were treated badly and some type of compensation should be awarded to us.

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National Home Gardening Club life membership, doesn’t last a lifetime. Don’t buy into that scam!!!

I couldn’t agree more with K. Hardy’s complaint. I had the exact experience. No notice of company no longer in business as their own name, however, after doing some digging, I found this National Gardening Club is now National Garden Clubs, which doesn’t stray far from the original name, which I’m not so sure is the same company. They charge $200 for a “new” lifetime membership. My husband thought he was buying me a lifetime membership as a gift for our joint love of gardening. I received the initial sign up gifts and some magazines, which I haven’t seen in… Read more »
Tiffany (Blaisdell) MacLaren
This happened to me too! I realized that I was no longer recieving the magazine, offers or benefits of being a ‘lifetime member’. I had no idea until I searched for their information to update my mailing address, as that must be why I haven’t been getting mail from them! I double checked my a magazine, and it was all still accurate. I had no idea that they had changed so much, and lost all of their integrity and the trust of all of its members! I used to love the magazine, and looked forward to to getting it! I… Read more »

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