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Ocwen approach us in 2012 with a mortification stating they were taking over from Chase bank as my first lien holder with the same conditions with Chase but will also be reducing my principal through the SAM modification. Only problem is there was a second lien on the property that Chase had on our modification with them but not on the one for Ocwen and Ocwen states they knew nothing of a second lien. We were current on our Ist lien and the second lien company went bankrupt the same time Ocwen came to modify. 2013 a false entity came to claim a notice of default for the second, contacted Ocwen they stated not to worry we our the !st lien holders and you are current.

2014 ended up in a unlawful detainer court and got our house taken from us of 23 years and almost paid off. Now Ocwen is charging debit charge offs claims on our credit reports and the IRS . Stanislaus recorders office received documents filed 2015 corporate Grant Deed that had been fabricated and the documents from the state of Texas.

2016 Ocwen claims to change an assignment dated back to 2009 and they weren’t even apart of my mortgage until 2012 and the house has never been taken out our name or transferred ,This is mortgage fraud and criminal intent. and our family has fallen victim to this horrific scam and the banks continue and debit collectors get their new company LLCS licenses from our State of Secretaries office and commits these crimes they should all go to prison and pay back all they stolen, Justice will be served.


Hello, my name is Timothy Reed along with my wife Debra and our two children, Whitney and Travell Reed. We owned our house for 23 years in Stanislaus County. We have fallen victims to mortgage fraud and conspiracy by Ocwen, our servicer since May 2012.

In 2012, Ocwen bought both rights to mortgages as the owner and servicer for People Choice Home Loan and Residential Capital income fund, but are not on any county records as such.

We were current on our 1st mortgage with People Choice Home Loans, and on September 24, 2013 we were served a notice of default affiliated with the 2nd loan that we took out with Residential Capital income fund in 2006. Ocwen has bought rights to this defaulted note in 2012 and initiated the foreclosure processes, but did not claim ownership of both loans.

On March 26, 2015 I contacted Hsbc corporate trust, the previous owners of People Choice Home Loan mortgage, and they stated that “Your loan is part of a pool of loans that is in a trust. There is no one owner of the trust. The trust has thousands of investors. You will need to speak to your servicing regarding this property.”

Ocwen filed a cancellation of debt for Residential Capital for $50,342 with the IRS on January 1, 2014. They claimed to have a trustee sale on February 6, 2014 in Stanislaus County using a company named Mavi Gok llc to foreclose on us. They forced us into an unlawful detainer court illegally when in fact Ocwen was the owner and should of initiated the foreclosure, but couldn’t because we were current with our 1st mortgage.

Ocwen has since charged off our first mortgage of $86,000 with the credit bureau, as well as stole our house which was current for 23 years, and had only 7 years to be paid off in full; Ocwen stole our house and left us homeless. We are having a hard time finding another place to live due to Ocwen reporting false statements on our credit report.

Ocwen is now renting the house with no records of property transfers and title.

Verification of mortgage was still in our name as of May 6, 2015

Ocwen is the first lien holders and owners of the 1st and 2nd loan, which they claimed a cancellation of debt a month before Mavi Gok llc initiated the notice of default and trustee sale.

This act alone proves that Ocwen committed conspiracy, fraud and violated our homeowner’s rights as well as filing false insurance claims, false statements on our credit reports, and breach of our mortgage contract. We have since been trying to find an Attorney not involved in this mortgage scam and we’re not having any luck, due to a conflict of interest.

With electronic filing and false notaries, attorneys and judges, and M E R S, this scam has gone on for too long hurting too many families. We need the Government officials and agencies to step in and protect the citizens of the United States from extortion, mortgage fraud, and conspiracy to commit crimes on others. We are asking you to please look into our case and give us our justice and what we deserve.

For Ocwen Representatives or Owners

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They are terrible. Are you suing them? I need a lawyer that knows how crook Ocwen is to represent us in California? We are also their victims.


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