The Worst Decision Ever! - MobiLoans

I received a pre approved letter from this so called company early in September 2016. I previously applied with them in 2013 but was denied.. So I had to update my banking information by sending a voided check and a form authorizing Mobiloans LLC to do ach transactions on my account.

So on the 25th of September 2016 I requested funding as I had an emergency coming up on October 1st 2016 so I felt I had enough time to get the funds. They promise you funds by the next business day so by Wednesday I hadn’t received the funds I called their customer service department and spoke to very rude people (including a manager) and was told pretty much that my account information was updated wrongly by one of their staff so the the money was sent to the wrong account and they had to wait to get it back in 3 business days before I could request it again which left me not being able to handle my emergency in time.

Thanks Mobiloans for absolutely nothing but the worst experience ever on top of your highway robbery interest rates!

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