A Rip Off and should be shut down. - MetroPCS

I got my first phone with them in October i got 2 phone’s one for me and one for my boyfriend. I paid every month on the month until one payment came up and i had bills that were due i paid my bills instead of my phone bill.

A week later i went to the store to make a payment and of course had to stand in line for almost 1 hour, when my turn came i gave my account information and asked to pay my bill i asked specifically to also change my bill date and pay the $5 fee. They told me i had to call customer service and use a credit card which i DON’T have.

VERY un professional people work for metro pcs. They should be shut down. Also its suppose to be a pre paid service but they charge you for the months you don’t pay. That is not pre paid in any way. They finally deactivated my phone. The company seems like a scam. They don’t tell you that they charge you for the months you don’t pay for service. Why would they when they are making money off of you. Well they aren’t making money off of me.

Im thinking about writing their corporate head quarters. And i’m not the only one that has or is having problems with this company. Now i have to go pay money to have my phone unlocked. Thank you for your dishonesty Metro PCS.

Metro PCS – 1479 W King St Decatur IL 62526 | 217-542-7196

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