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I go to this McDonald’s location that is located on the corner at eastside of Yonge street and North of 16th Avenue (the address is 9301 Yonge street, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 1V4) but until I go inside, I see this Filipino male employee (who works cleaning the Lobby of this McDonald’s) with a MEDIUM/SKINNY BUILD, CLEAN SHAVEN, BLACK HAIR, BROWN SKIN, and in his 40’s by the name of “Celso” staring at me when I am going to the counter as if I am going to rob the store or something.

Once I receive my order, I go and pick a place to sit down, and asked Celso where the Napkins were, and he rudely replied “THERE!, CAN’T YOU SEE?”. So I then grab a couple of Napkins but this very same guy comes from out of nowhere and right behind me and says “NO MORE NAPKINS, GO!”

I then looked at him in a confused way, because Celso had ambushed me right from behind.

All of a sudden, Celso then says the most disgusting comment ever…….”DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?? GO!”. I then got confused and asked him what he said, he then retracted his comment by saying “Oh, I thought you were new here. Sorry”. OH. SO PEOPLE WHO ARE “NEW” HERE GET TREATED WITH DIS-RESPECT, CELSO?

I then ignored him and then went to put my stuff back on my seat, but as soon as I wanted to get something else from the counter, Celso WAS THEN LOOKING AT MY BAG AND GOING THROUGH IT PHYSICALLY. I then rushed back to confront him and asked him what he was doing. He then angrily replied, “TOO MUCH, MAN!”

I then decided enough was enough so I then went to the front counter and asked for his Manager to which his Manager then came to me and said he will “deal” with him.

Since this incident on Tuesday, May 03, 2016, I have since not yet received an apology from neither Celso nor McDonald’s head office to this day and I WARN YOU NOT TO GO TO THIS LOCATION unless you want to be treated like a Criminal and be stared at by Celso, the obnoxious and racist employee who works in the Lobby (he’s a Cleaner for this location) By the way, Celso, YOUR LOBBY IS VERY POORLY MAINTAINED WITH ANTS ON THE TABLE AND WET SODA STAINS ON THE GROUND! CLEAN IT UP, PROPERLY INSTEAD OF STARING AT PEOPLE!

McDonald’s Canada – 9301 Yonge St Richmond Hill Ontario L4C 1V4 | 905-770-0135

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