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I wrote in to McDonalds about changing there food and adding in items such as turkey sausage, turkey bacon, turkey ham. Too much pork. I advised them that the only item for people who don’t or cant eat these items was the steak egg and cheese biscuit. What did they do? They removed this item.

I personally feel by doing this that they are trying to eliminate the Muslim consumers. I am not Muslim, I believe the elderly consumers, the Christian, the disciples, that patronize there. I loved the steak egg and cheese. The manager stated they lost a lot of business due to removal of the item; she herself didn’t know why they took this item off the list.

Mcdonalds puts too much salt also in there food. I just had a big mac and purchased it in westbury, it was so salty, now I have a pounding headache. Last time im buying food from mcdonalds, im not loving it at all.

Mcdonalds is getting boring, dull, the same old food. What was exciting was the 2 for $5 I was coming everynight. I can go to bk, wendys, taco bell, and get better food for the money, not get sick.

They need to change their menu and their products and sell for all clients, patrons with all medical issues, health issues from the baby to the old. From the healthy to the sick and the aged. They need to make some changes, improvise, go keep the steak egg and cheese back on the menu if your not going to do the turkey items or add both of these.

McDonalds – Melville NY 11747

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