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Signed up with Daytona Beach Massey Pest Control in fall of 2015-gave them over six months to get rid of ants and springtails in my master bath.

They never did. I cancelled my service and reminded them of their warranty which guarantees they solve your bug problem or you don’t pay. I’d paid the sign on fee plus extra for outside treatment and then $85 quarterly.

I refused to pay the last $85 and told them that they actually owed me money according to their warranty, I didn’t ask for all my money back. I only wanted to not pay the last quarterly service fee.

They insisted I pay the last $85 and I did proving their warranty is about as good as their service, which is worthless.

Massey Services Inc – 2444 S Nova Rd Daytona Beach Florida 32117 386-238-0404 

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