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I purchased the $1.00 introductory offer for 3 MAJOR golf balls. I received 3 SCRATCH Golf Balls. When I did a routine check of my credit card, I discovered I was billed $47.83.

I called the credit card company and they could not allow me to challenge the charge because it was an introductory offer and that I had to call Major Golf Pro. I called them and they would not issue me a credit and even tried to sell me more products. I told them I was unable to even play golf due to a health issue but that did not seem to matter to the customer service rep. They told me I had 7 days to cancel.

I bought the promotion on 12/11 and $47.83 was posted on 12/18. He told me the 7 days expired at midnight and would not give me credit. The fine print of paying the $1.00 for 3 balls is authorizing them to bill you on a monthly basis for golf tips, and other golf related instructional information.

Bottom line, I got screwed out of $47.83 and didn’t even know how it happened, probably because I didn’t read all the fine print. If a deal sound a little too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true and is a scam.

Ross Indelicato


I called this company and was told there was nothing they could do since the $48 charge was part of a non refundable promotion. Well, I also wrote an email and Stacie, the customer service support person, wrote back and told me she would credit my credit card the entire $48 and furthermore would cancel my membership. Honestly, I never read all the fine print to know that I was actually being stuck buying a membership. So, my earlier complaint about being scammed has to be recanted. I thanked her for her actions and concern for this customer.

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I also was a victim of this scam. There was no mention of enrollment in a monthly subscription for $48.


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