Total Scam - Major Golf Pro

Saw a pop up add for golf balls that will add distance to your game. Saw they were only a dollar to cover the cost of shipping for a sleeve of three balls. I figured what the heck, it’s only a dollar – big mistake!

A couple of weeks later I notice a charge of $47.83 on my account. Called the company and politely asked them to cancel the account and refund my money. They agreed to cancel the account but refused to refund the money. Eventually after a heated discussion, I asked to speak to a supervisor but all I got was hung up on. I called my bank and submitted a fraud case which is pending. My bank also canceled the card I used and is sending me a new one.

What a total rip off! How do companies think they can get away with doing business this way? Oh wait, it’s the internet, of course they can get away with it if we let them. Don’t be a sucker – MAJOR GOLF PRO IS A TOTAL SCAM!

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