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As others, I “ordered” a sleeve of golf balls & paid 1.00 S&H in April 2015. I was never told that I would be signed-up for a “subscription” for 47.83 a Mo.

Unfortunately, I didn’t check my statement on a regular basis, but when I did, I called the 800 number listed on my statement and was hung-up on two times. I finally got a person named Yurick at a third party call center. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told there were no supervisors. I asked what these charges were for and he said it is something we send you to put in your golf bag. I told him I never received anything except the original golf balls. He said it was my problem because they send something every month.

I asked him to credit my card for these charges and he said impossible. I told him I was going to call VISA and he said “let me talk to my supervisor” – hmmmmm – thought there were no supervisors. He came back and said he could credit 30 per cent; I said “no”. He checked a little further (with no supervisor) and came back and said he could credit 50 per cent; I said “no”. I told him I considered this fraud and was going to take necessary action with my bank and VISA. He came back and said he would give me a “one-time complimentary refund of 47.83 and cancel my account”. I agreed and asked him to send me a email substantiating this which he did.

I have since contacted my bank and signed an affidavit to pursue fraud charges against this company. I was told that they could probably get my money refunded for November, December and January, but no guarantees for the remainder of the time which started in April 2015.

Hopefully this will help other unsuspecting victims just another SCAM.

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