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I have been a MJ customer for over 7 years, but for the past 2 I have seen their product quality go down beyond the drain… All MJ products are being sold with substandard (poor Chinese workmanship) i.e., the wall adapters.

These little devices go bad quickly (my last two have lasted just 2 and 3 months) and you must replace them otherwise you have to use the MagicJack Plus/Go/Express plugged into you computer to function. The problem is that “conveniently” MagicJack will replace them for “Free” BUT you have to cover the shipping and the “admin” charge which totals $5.39 roughly.

To start, shipping this device DOES NOT cost $5.00, even by USPS Priority Mail doesn’t cost $5.00; so where is the TRICK? The additional income this company gets with this “Replacement”. Poor gimmick to improve earnings from you customers!

The decent/honest thing to do is to replace them free of charge/shipping cost. It is NOT the customer’s fault that these devices are made in China and have poor quality!


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