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We got Magic Jack to save money on our land line. My husband is elderly and disabled. He has difficulty using a cell phone. He has a medical alert which is tied to the landline so if he falls and I am not home, he can get help. After just a few days of installing Magic Jack, it quit working. Not one of our phones could receive or make calls. I was able to use the computer to make outgoing calls, but since he does not use the computer, this was not helpful. Customer service is virtually non-existent.

I am trying to get the number ported to a reliable phone company, but am having difficulty. They said they need a working number or we will have to give up the number we have had for several years.

This problem has been going on for two weeks. Until the land line situation is worked out with another company (even if we do change phone numbers, there is a two week delay before it can be processed), I am buying my husband a cell phone and will attempt to make him comfortable using it. The medical alert will not work off the cell phone.

This is a disaster. I do not feel I can leave him alone.

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