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I went to Little Caesars for my Lunch Combo since I only have 30 minute lunch. The girl took my order and charged me to my card. She proceeded to state that it will take 10 to 18 minutes. I said sure, thanks I got my drink.

Forty minutes later I ask,  “how much longer? I am a late already to work, I only have 30 minutes”. The girl looked around confused and asked, what did you order? I said “the Lunch Combo”. She goes to the back and it seems that every one else orders were being met except mine.

She stated I am sorry could you wait another 10 to 18 minutes your order was not placed.

Ok here is my complaint: I had 30 minutes lunch, I was late and docked from my pay. I had also grabbed my soda that came with my order, when I said that – no I can’t wait, that I am already late to work. I asked can she give me my money back. She said ok but she had, and the manager had the audacity to charge me for the drink.

I was so upset, I did not have lunch that day, my stomach was growling the whole time. I just think that it was in poor taste to even charge for my drink after they made me wait 40 minutes, I got docked from my check. So in actuality that was a pretty expensive drink.

I work at a school district I will never order for any events from Little Caesars and will notify the other schools of this.

Little Caesars – 9827 Potranco Rd San Antonio Texas 78251 | 210-798-9983

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