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On May 19,2016 at 5:45 pm Customer William arrived at Little Caesars Pizza Located on 5241 Elkhorn Blvd, Sacramento, CA. 95842 to collect his order. The staff did not check the order before handing the order over to him. He then requested a ride from Uber for a ride home. The nearest Uber car happen to be me (Cynthia), and I arrived 6 minutes to pick him up.

I drove 20 minutes for the Little Caesars location before William informed me that his order was not correct. I advised him that I could cancel the ride because of the inconvenience and I would also return to the store to pick up the replacement. Recalling the franchise of Little Caesars mission statement which claimed, “To be an innovative global leader by focusing on convenience, exceeding customer expectations with extraordinary value and great tasting products, provided by outstanding people resulting in strong returns to our stakeholders”.

I called Little Caesars back and spoke with that locations manager named Maria to resolve the issue relating the poor customer service. The manager refuse to correct the issue and advised me to bring the incorrect pizza back. I advised her that the trip back to her store would be an inconvenience and costly because I am a 1099 business as well. I advised the manager of my dissatisfaction of how she choose to represent the Little Caesars Pizza franchise and told her I would return to the store to pick up the corrected order. I then asked William would he return with me to the store to exchange the pizza because the purchase was made on his credit card. He agreed because some of the children with autism at the party would only eat one type of pizza.

When we arrived back at the store I requested to speak to the manager Maria. I reconfirmed that the order time to replace the pizza was not met as advised by other local branches within the area and she then cut me off and stating, “Your pizza isn’t ready! you’re going to have to wait!” I told her that I have already waited and there is no pizza! The manager Maria then stated, “You can get back in your Uber car, and take your sorry Uber A*s and go!

Experiencing such rude customer service and misconduct type behavior from a manager upset William and he began return the rude comments back then requested that the company refund his money instead of the pizza replacement. Little Caesars manager Maria then stated, “NO I not giving you, your pizza or your money back! This made William irate and I advised him to let them contact the police department like Maria threatened, to work out the dispute.

An hour later the Sacramento Sheriff department spoke with William and I. We explained to the two dispatched officer as to what transpired and they spoke to the manager. The officers returned 3 minutes later with the refunded money to reimburse William for his lose. I then explained to the officers about my financial loss of restitution due gasoline, travel to return to the store, and the hard ship from the unprofessional manager. The office stated that I could take the business to small claim court to work out the dispute and contact Little Caesars corporate office.

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