Highschoolers without proper trainning & kid Dylan with a racist attitude! - Little Caesars Pizza

I’ve been giving Caesars Pizza our business since they opened. My son wanted to go her to get pizza for his Birthday today. Of all the places he chose Caesars. I have noticed the kids working here always get orders wrong and stand around gossiping. However this time I have a specific complaint about an employee Dylan.

We came in and had to wait around 40 min for that kid to make our pizza or place in oven. (The kid looked like 16 out of high school). The girls asked him if he fulfilled the order for Sonny and he shrug his shoulders and answered “I don’t know. and I don’t care”. The one girl just looked at us and disappeared.

The other came back and said again sorry but he’s getting it ready. Where like What! What kind of attitudes is that? We stood there and watch him smirk at us and defy the order.

People came in made orders they waited a little and received their orders. While we continued to wait for pizzas that kept going out the door with other people. While Dylan refused to work on our order.

The girl asked again did you put them in the oven or what? He shrugged again and said I don’t care! She said you better put them in the oven already! Told us she said “I’m sorry I don’t know what’s going on with him.”.

So I asked to speak to the Manager who happened to be Hispanic and told him what we and other people observed and he just said, ok I’ll talk to him. Don’t know what he said to him or if it was even related but the boy gave him a dirty look like who are you? You’d think the boy was the manager.

So the girls got two of the pizzas from the oven gave to us while he seem to fiddle with the last pizza after pulling it out of oven. Who’s to say what he may have did to it as he gave the last grin to the girl and said here you go!

If this how he treats Hispanics then how does he really feel working for one? Should be booted from this establishment and provide their employees proper training and behavior skills in the work place!

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