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We purchased our sleeper sofa two yrs ago along with the UltraShield Premium protection for 5 yrs. Purchase was a leather sofa to be placed in our guest room/husbands work room. As such, we rarely go into this room and guests have only used this sofa twice.

We recently found a slight tear on one of the cushions. My husband was unsure if he placed one of his work/equipment bags on the sofa. So I called LazyBoy about the tear and they referred me to Utrashield. I left at least 4 messages, 1 email and finally heard back, 4 days later (mind you you are supposed to notify them within 5 days).

They then proceeded to tell me they denied coverage, mind you, coverage was for ALL tears, stains, etc. They stated because I did not witness the event they couldn’t cover it. Wow! I then called and spoke to Dan, Mgr in Middletown, NY location. I also told me there was nothing he could do. Again, I was blown away.

This sofa costs $2500. We purchased this as a leather sofa with the condition we would receive coverage for any mishap. I don’t understand why the terms “any tear, or any stain” doesn’t apply here. I am dismayed that LazyBoy with such a well respected establishment could not provide adequate service. Customers should be made aware.

We have purchased furniture from different vendors and was never treated like this. I even purchased an entire dining room set from GoldenArea furniture and had a mishap with a little puppy gnawing the legs of the chairs and table, and you know what, it was ALL covered, no questions asked and free. That’s is a model you should abide by.

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Delivered electric loveseat with electric connector that does not work! Service department said 7-10 days for part to be delivered! Selling a product that does not work is poor service to start with but telling customer they xan wait 7-10 days for a part is beyond poor customer service!


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