Promises broken, time wasted - La-Z-Boy

Ordered $3700 worth of furniture with deposit of $1850. It was to be delivered in less than 10 weeks. 10 weeks later no sign of it.

Called the store only to find out they are going to delay it by at least 10 more weeks! I could have ripped their head off. Got my deposit and never buy from them. Funny that afterward I found all the sites that people like me posted awful reviews. Should have read beforehand!

Live and learn. Unfortunately, everyone wants to be fair and give a chance to even worst, and businesses like this stay in business. Can you imagine if I owed them $1850 for two and half months, how much fine and interest they would have charged me? Do not fall for their crap, they play game with their pricing and sales. Just save yourselves the pain.

La Z Boy – Melbourne Florida

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