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We purchased 2 couches and 2 chairs from the Fresno CA store and man were they helpful, gave you a false sense of what it would be like dealing with their customer service or should I say lack of customer service department. We noticed one of the chair/recliners that cost $1200.00 was leaning to the side. The 1st call to the CS dept we were told a tech would be out in approx 2-3 weeks.

Then I receive a call saying the tech will be there tomorrow on my answering machine and call back if this is inconvenient I took off of work short notice but wanted to get done. Well the very pleasant tech comes but has nothing with him and it will be several weeks before they leave another message stating be there tomorrow without talking to me, and they quit taking calls at 3 in the afternoon but have an after hours person who was available to tell me they would call me again since I could not take off short notice again.

I explained to the girl the next day that I need her to call my cell phone not just leave messages on my answering machine and set up a new date. I get a new date and the day before they call my home phone again to remind me 2 times that the repair man will be there tomorrow. I am there waiting after taking another day off and my phone rings 10 minutes after my scheduled beginning time and the parts are not in so they need to reschedule.

Again I get home and of course after hours and they have scheduled the next day without asking me and I cannot take off but the service man calls my cell phone amazingly he somehow has the number they can never call and he says I’m at your house and can only stay 15 minutes and I explain to him ever so nicely because it is not his fault that I cannot continue taking days off at short notice and that i am having issues with them calling me on my CELL PHONE.

These people are so unbelievable. I want to return the chair but their executive team that you have to contact has not gotten back to me. They have an auto reply that assures you they will reply within 48 hours and I have e mailed them 3 times with the same auto response each time. I would never recommend this company to anyone and I would fire the incompetent people who do not reply to e mails and my customer service department would be available later for the working people. BTW I still do not have a repaired chair or anything resolved.

At this point I just want my money back. I am writing the BBB as well.

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