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I joined when the club was fairly new. I paid an initiation fee and pay more per month now then anyone I talk to. When addressing this with management, they of course can do nothing to adjust the price. Of course I can PAY to have the price adjusted.

Of the 3 people at the club I was talking to, only one of them was even nice. The other two talked to me as if I was insignificant & they could care less. They said only corporate could do any price adjusting, so I asked for corporates phone number. JACOB made a point to put a note under my account so corporate was ready for my call. So not only did the man at corporate talk to me like I was a moron, like most of the men working there do, but he was rude and condescending as well.

I don’t mind paying for something if I’m getting my money’s worth. But over the last year or so, the place has deteriorated. The shower heads are covered with green lime scale (I have the same water & I clean mine & they don’t look like that), the spa (when it works) has a greasy film on the tiles and on top the water, and every time I’m there, there’s at least a few cardiac machines out of order.

Worst of all, I don’t work out near closing time anymore, I don’t feel safe. When I told the condescending man from corporate, he said they provide lighting in the parking lot, the rest is my responsibility, and if something were to happen, it’s not their fault. In addition to not feeling safe, I’ve told staff who were working at the time, that there is a member who’s family doesn’t watch her properly, and she’s walked in on me showering.

This is not the club I signed up with seven years ago, and I no longer feel I’m getting what I pay for. I WAS ALSO TOLD MONTHLY PRICES WILL RISE TO $39.99/month.

LA Fitness – 1745 Rt. 59 Plainfield IL 60586 | 815-676-5519

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