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If you like a workout place where:
• Playing racquetball in courts where the air conditioning only works half the time and burnt out lights haven’t been changed in years.
• They allow tennis players to use the racquetball courts to practice tennis.
• Black scuff marks on floors on the RB courts,
• Terrible music played so loud that you are not able to drown it out with your personal music on your ear buds.
• TV’s in every aisle of the locker room on different channels played very loud.
• Mold on the shower walls and shower curtains.
• Shower drains that are plugged and full of hair.
• Continually wet carpet in the locker rooms.
• Where they will not have the courtesy to send out an email blast that the pool is not heated or the whirlpool is not working so you don’t go there just to find out that you can’t either of them.
• “Managers” that ignore your complaints about any of the above items.
• “Managers” that refuse to provide their managers phone number or email address (“I will have them email you” which never happens).
• A company where you cannot email or contact the home office.

Then this is the place for you!

LA Fitness – Atlanta GA 

For LA Fitness Representatives or Owners

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