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My niece lives in Selma Texas and was injured in a car accident. I wanted to comfort and support her and so I ordered her favorite sunflowers in a cute arrangement from Kim’s Flowers in Selma. They were not delivered. I tried calling and got an answering machine.

I called on three different days and left a message including my phone number and pertinent information each time. I went on their website and completed their contact form on three different days. Even though they promise to get right back to you–I got no response. I tried sending a e-mall to their advertised e-mail address and it was returned.

I am totally frustrated.

Today I requested that they cancel my order and credit my charge card. It appears I am out the cost of the flowers even though my niece did not receive the arrangement.

This isn’t a case of poor customer service–it is a case of no customer service! I feel like I am dealing with a black hole since I cannot make contact with a human. I am totally disgusted and wonder how one can send flowers from a distance in a reliable way.

Kim’s Flowers is not it!

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