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I ordered a dress from JJs house. I read some reviews regarding them not taking customer satisfaction well but I ignored them. I ordered a size 14, one size more than the sizing chart, and received the dress after spending $146, on the dress. The dress did not fit.

They have a specific return policy of “one inch on either side of zipper could be off”. When contacting them they only communicate via email. They have told me to take pics, which I did. They told me to go to a tailor and get taken out 4 inches. I’m not sure who is capable of creating and extra 4 inches out of their a$$. It’s taken 13 days to try to return this dress. They told me all they can do is give me 20% off my order or 30% towards a new order. Or the other option was to place on eBay.

I’m not sure but if their customer satisfaction includes telling their customers to resell their products on eBay there is something fishy!!! Looks like I’m out $146.00

I ordered a jacket shawl to wear to my daughter’s wedding. The shawl was a jacket in the picture and in the description and I paid over $50 for it, plus $20 in shipping. When I received it, it turned out to be a nylon scarf with sleeves. The quality was so poor that there was no way I would have worn it to the wedding. I quickly learned by reading the packing slip that they do not accept returns except if the product is damaged.

It even tells you that if the color or size is wrong they will not accept it as a return nor exchange it. I also learned the company that makes the products is in China and there is no way to call them. Instead you chat with someone who does nothing but give you a claim number and then they send back your chat record. They promise to call you within 24 hours and of course they never call. Whatever you do, do not buy anything from this company, they are a Chinese company with no ethics. And I have never written a complaint about a company in my entire life, but I don’t want anyone else to have this happen to them.

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