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I found this Inmate Call Solutions website because I was searching for a company through which I would be able to accept collect calls from an out of state facility. This company offered the “cheapest” rates by assigning you a local phone # which the calls will be re-routed through to the phone of your choice.

To make it even better they had calling plans starting around 29.95 or so for unlimited calls. After reading I figured this was the one that I would use. After setting up the account and making the Payment I wanted to look over the account to make sure that i had indeed put the correct facility. I couldn’t log into the account. I just assumed that it was because I had just created it and it was a Friday night. So I waited until Saturday and I still could not log into this account. So I went onto the site and requested to have the pin reset, and the link in the email did not work.

Then I knew something was wrong. I looked at my online bank statement and where the payment had been processed it said GLOBAL TEL LINK LLC so that’s who I called, while also sending emails requesting a refund, only to get the same response from the 7 different people that I spoke with, that I did not have an account with their company, I was beginning to get upset because all of the numbers that I was calling came directly from the Inmate Call Solution website. So extremely agitated I went back to the web and googled for a 24 hour customer service number.

There I came across a Texas telephone number, an address, and lots of other terrible information about this company. I called the number and left a message for them to contact me ASAP. Even though the message stated that they were experiencing high call volume and would return you call as soon as possible. I received a call on Sunday September 25, 2016, today, with a man telling me that he was calling to set up the account so that I could begin receiving calls. i told him that I no longer needed their service because, in fact, they don’t even service the facility where my loved one is.

He wanted to know the state and the name of the Facility. So I told him. and kindly repeated that since I have set up the correct account now I would simply like my money refunded in full. He was quiet for a moment and then. says “Hello, ma’am. Ma’am can you hear me?” I replied “Yes, I can.” yet he continued as if he could not hear me and then disconnected the call. Needless to say that I haven’t gotten even a call back. This is the worst.

I’ve never had a company just outright STEAL my money like Inmate Call Solutions. There has to be some way that these people can be located and stopped.

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The inmate call solutions ripped me off today! I turned them in to the federal trade commission in my state! The best thing you can do is report them to the ftc because they will put a class action lawsuit against them for fraude!!! Do that! Call the ftc in your state and tell them what they did to you as a customer!! My voice will be heard!!!! What they are doing is ripping off people that need to stay in touch with their loved one’s!!!


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