Older Mother Scammed - Inmate Call Solutions

The beginning of January, I paid Inmate Call Solutions over a hundred dollars with the promise I could receive unlimited calls from him from a prisoner. He is in at Sussex 2 State prison.

Not only could they deliver but after over 10 tries and numerous promises they would call me at particular times and days it come to the situation where two very close family members passed away within three days of one another and I could not even be there for him on the phone. And they knew this because again I had called them.

Now after trying over and over again to have my money refunded they are ignoring my request. Beware! of Inmate Call Solutions. They took over $100.00 from me with the promise of unlimited calls from my son and did not and could not deliver and now will not respond to my refund request.

I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau however from reading their reviews they too have not had much luck getting the complaints resolves either so please forward this out so to warn as many people out there?

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